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Friday, May 17, 2013

Health Benefits of Treating Yourself to the Spa

Health Benefits of going to the Spa
Ever want to go to the spa but don’t think it’s worth it? While the idea of stepping into a spa may be to get the pampering effect it’s sure to ignite, there are also many health benefits to consider when you decide if it’s worth opening the wallet for! Whether you make time for a trip to your local day spa or one of the trendier week long spa getaways; you’ll be taking a step toward relieving yourself of life’s daily stresses. The variety of services that spas now offer for both women and men range from the typical massages and facials to more extensive treatments like cellulite reductions, body scrubs, reflexology and corrective peels. Each treatment has its own health benefits making them worth every penny.

Relax and Rejuvenate
A massage therapist knows just the right buttons to push to find those tense spots. While working the knots out, they can help you relax your muscles and manage those aches and pains. Many scents, such as lavender and rosemary used in aromatherapy spa services also help to awaken the senses and leave you feeling refreshed.

Spa treatments are a pleasurable way to detox your system, reduce fluid retention and inflammation. Mud baths nourish and exfoliate the skin with the natural vitamins and minerals found in the mud while drawing out toxins. Heat therapies, like the sauna or steam room, aid in creating intense perspiration, ridding the body of toxins via the skin while increasing your heart rate.

Improve Poor Circulation
Massages, body scrubs, cold water or ice treatments and body wraps work to stimulate blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells and minimize the risk of arthritis. Hydrotherapy also increases blood flow as the body temperature rises working to decrease blood pressure.

Better Sleep
We all know a good night’s sleep is key to productive functioning the next day. Almost all spa treatments can help reduce sleep deprivation, improve the quality of sleep you get, ease your mind and enhance your immunity to sickness through the boost to your lymphatic system. 

Keep a Youthful Glow
Choosing the type of facial you want depends on the results you’re looking for. Some are designed for deep cleaning and moisturizing, while others serve to brighten the complexion and reduce dark circles. Getting frequent facials can help fight off wrinkles, refine pores and promote cellular renovation. Facials also reduce pressure from the neck and skull, preventing future tension headaches.

The spa is a great way to recharge your mind and body, and shouldn't be something just to experience on vacation or a special occasion. Recognize the spa as a natural part of living a healthy lifestyle! With all the added benefits they provide, there is no longer a need to think of the spa as a “guilty pleasure,” but rather a healthy way to spend your time indulging in the finer things in life.

Guest Author Bio
My name is Tiffany Olson and I love to blog about the everyday experiences of living a happy and healthy lifestyle. I live in beautiful Northern California (Redding to be exact!), and when I need to rejuvenate I visit this spa in Redding. I love to read, to cook, and to take weekend road trips with good friends. 

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