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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weight Loss Blogging Project

While working on weight loss for myself and keeping me weight loss blog motivated, I came up with an idea for a project that should help me keep on track with my workouts as well as keep me from being bored. (I can get bored easily sometimes, what can I say.) 

To put it simply: I have A LOT of workout videos at my disposal right now. From DVDs, online downloads (from when I actually had money) and the bounty that is Netflix Instant, I added up having over 70 separate workouts at my fingertips! Making reviews of them all will keep me motivated to workout as well as help others! 

Workout Review Rules:
  1. Do the particular workout(s)* 3 times
  2. List Pros and Cons for each workout
  3. Note how the workout is effecting my body (a 290+ lb person will have a different experience than a 180 lb person)
  4. Give Each Workout a 1 through 10 ranking. 1 being complete dog crap, 10 being outstanding awesomeness
*Some workouts (such as Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown) have 2 different level workouts in 1 dvd. I'll be doing each level (when appropriate) 3 times, then giving a review of the whole DVD at once.

Here is the list I made of all the workouts I have access to at this moment.

Please note: I won't necessarily be doing the reviews in this order. It just happens to be the order I wrote them in.

DVD/On the Computer Workouts

YBB (Yoga Booty Ballet) Rehearsal and Guided Meditation 
YBB Total Toning Basics
YBB Advanced Fat Burning
YBB Hip Hop Abs
YBB Cardio Cabaret
DOTI (Dance Off the Inches) Hip Hop Party
TMS (10 Minute Solution) Slim and Sculpt Pilates
Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning Workouts 1 and 2
Total Cardio Step (1 DVD 3 workouts)-Basic Step-Low impact step-Body Fusion
Si6 (Slim in 6) Cool it Off
Si6 Tone it Up
New York City Ballet Workouts 1 and 2
Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout
JM (Jillian Michaels) Shred it With Weights Workouts 1 and 2
JM Yoga Meltdown Levels 1 and 2
JM Biggest Winner:
  • Shape Up Front
  • Shape Up Backside
  • Cardio Kickbox
  • Maximize Full Frontal
  • Maximize Back in Action
Si6 Start it Up
Si6 Ramp it Up
Si6 Burn it Up
Si6 Slim & Limber
Si6 Slim & 6 Pack
JM Ripped in 30 Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4
JM 6 Week 6 Pack Levels 1 and 2
HHA (Shawn T Hip Hop Abs)
  • 6 Minute Abs
  • Ab Sculpt
  • Fat Burning Cardio
  • Hips, Buns, Thighs
  • Total Body Burn
Biggest Loser
  • Cardio Max
  • Weight Loss Yoga
  • 30 Day Jump Start
  • Workout Boot Camp
Zumba Fitness
  • Basics
  • 20 Min Express
  • Cardio Party
Luscious Belly Dancing

Netflix Instant:

Egyptian Belly Dance for Beginners
Crunch: Super Slim Down
TMS Fat Blasting Dance Mix
DOTI 15 Minute Express
DOTI Fat Burning Jam
DOTI Tummy Tone Party Zone
TMS Target Toning
Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates
TMS Rapid Results Pilates
TMS Pilates
Crunch Fat Burning Dance Party 
Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates
Crunch Cardio Dance Blast
Pick Your Level Weight Loss Pilates
Crunch Fat burning Pilates
Healing Yoga For Aches and Pains
Crunch Candlelight Yog
Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack
TMS Yoga
TMS Carb Burner
Healing Yoga For Common Conditions
Crunch Boot Camp Training
Crunch Cardio Sculp
Pilates Essentials
Yoga For Health Basics and Headaches
DOTI Calorie Blasting
Yoga For Health Depression
Crunch Cardio Salsa
TMS Kickbox Boot Camp
Crunch Total Re-sculpt
Crunch Yoga Mama 

Well....That'll definitely keep me busy for a while. 
As I publish the reviews I'll be changing the workout names listed here into links to their review making this an easy reference page.

I'm sure someone somewhere has done something similar to this. It's bound to happen. But this project at least gives me the chance to voice my own opinion about the workouts as well as give people the opportunity to see what the workouts are about before they buy or try them.

More notes and disclaimers: 
  • For the month of October 2011 I'm already doing Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. I'll be writing my review at the end of it of course, but I'll also be doing some of the other workouts listed above at the same time.

  • I am not intending to be a case study for any of these workouts or workout systems (including Ripped in 30). I am merely reviewing them for their quality, what they cover, my opinion about them and their general effectiveness. Trying to be a case study is, to me, a moot point because everyone reacts to exercise in a different way based on weight, age and general health.

  • Being that these reviews will be opinion based, there will be some bias for what I like or don't like. Whichever way I swing on a review has its background with my state in life, and the way my body is/will be at the time of the workout.

  • For easy image access on these reviews I'll be using Amazon.com's affiliate program. It gives me a simple and royalty free way to put the appropriate cover images with their reviews. I am not trying to push these reviews as products to sell. Whether or not you wish to buy the workouts through Amazon or wherever else, is completely up to you.

  • And finally, the Netflix Instant list is subject to change due to Netflix cycling movies/videos in and out of 'Instant' access.


    1. Let me preface this by saying I have lost and maintained a nearly 40lb weight loss through eating and working out. I've completed a half marathon, run 20 miles weekly and have done numerous workout DVD's...including the original Biggest Loser DVD and even Jillian's separate workout DVD's. I don't say this to toot my own horn, but to give you a gauge as to how someone who's in good shape views this DVD.

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