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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Soy Soy Rockin Breakfast Shake

For health and weight loss, there's nothin quite like waking up in the morning to bananas and chocolate....well hopefully a fresher banana than I had on hand, but I won't be able to go back to the grocery store for 2 weeks...

What you need!

  • 1 Banana (or 1 serving of another potassium rich fruit)
  • (Chocolate) Soy Protein Powder (any brand/flavor will probably work, but check the label for any not so nice additives)
  • Chocolate Organic Soymilk
The Simple Process
  1. Poor 8oz of Soymilk into a blender (or large drink cup if you're using a stick blender)
  2. Scoop 1-3 teaspoons of protein powder into the milk (they usually give you a little scooper for this)
  3. Slice/Add the banana over the mixture
  4. Blend until smooth and delicious
The Benefits

This shake combines everything that I love: being healthy, chocolate and fruit. Each shake can have up to 20 grams of protein, potassium, and countless other vitamins and minerals; plus it's cheap and easy to make. The soymilk I found at Winco and the organic was cheaper than all the rest of the soymilks! Double plus!

Do you make soy shakes? What do you use?


  1. Oh My Gosh I love soy I can have soy and this recipe looks fabulous without a banana though. I can't have that on Atkins. I just may be trying this.

  2. sweet :) gotta love the soy! I've heard mixed things about Atkins but my view is if you're happy and healthy then you're good :)


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