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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dance Studio...a la Bedroom (part 1)

Ok, so dancing.
Why I want to dance
It's fun, it burns calories, I've been wanting to learn for years. Why haven't I? Well when I was a youngin in a wee small town in Oregon, we did have a couple dance studios, but we also had a great Karate School as well. Guess which one my parents went with? Now am I angry about this? Hell no! I enjoyed Karate tons, plus the self defense skills have come in handy! But on the flip side I am a little sad that I didn't learn ballet when I was a kid.

I danced when I was in elementary school, though. We had a dance team(ish) headed by one of the moms and we would do halftime shows during basketball games. I was eleven or twelve at the time and did ok, but my parents went with Karate due the potential value as an adult.

I started gaining weight after I hit puberty and my metabolism slowed down. By the time I was an adult any "graceful swan" action was long gone. Taking group classes in exercise let alone dancing just made me feel like a cow; so I just stayed away. Flash forward and here's me. 300+ lbs and still struggling. So: it's something I think I'll enjoy, and if I dance in my bedroom I don't have to worry about looking like a cow.

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