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Monday, May 13, 2013

Internal Dialogue

"You know, you really need to start exercising again"
"I know, but I lose motivation. Sometimes even when I'm doing well..."
"Why do you do that? If you're doing well you should keep going..."
"I know. I guess I'm afraid of getting to my goal and still not being happy."
"Are you happy now?"
"Do you see yourself being happy in the future if you keep doing what you're doing now?"
"Then what have you got to lose?"
"Apparently my sanity as I'm talking to myself"
"Ha, ha. Why don't you find something you really like to do? You could combine it with something that's more intense but you don't like as much, that way you're getting the benefit of both."
"Hrm. It's an idea. But what's something exercisey that I really like? In the end I almost always get tired burned out on it anyway..."
"Well you've always wanted to learn how to dance."
"...How did you know that???"
"Just kidding, just kidding. Yea you're right. Dancing would be fun, plus I have a BUNCH of dancing dvd workouts that are just sitting around."
"And when I get to a certain point I can start taking Ballet Classes at the local College!"
"Very good."
"Thanx, we should talk more often."
"I try, but for some reason 'Ms. Negative' always gets first dibs..."
"Weird. Where is she today?"
"I shot her with a tranquilizer dart and stuffed her in a trunk"
"O.o Remind me not to piss you off..."

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