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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rockin Weird Al Concert part 2

Welcome back to the weirdness that is! Weird AL!
nifty time for the lights to shine, got a cool affectOK maybe a little over the top, but welcome anyway :)

The arena was pumped without any help from the obligatory opening speaker (some official for the fair). Weird Al busted out on stage as the band broke into Polka Face which for a fluff song, is actually fun to listen to.

Right from the start the big screens behind the stage and to the side had synchronized video with the band playing and Weird Al's singing. He utilized the fact that a lot of hilarity of his songs come from the videos associated with them. It was as much fun to watch the background videos as it was to watch Al! Especially with the fun antics he did at seemingly random times till the band joined in and hilarity ensued.

There were videos in between the songs as well which was an awesome way for the audience to stay entertained while there were costume changes. Between Al interviewing celebrities, clips of UHF and general Al Weirdness, we had no time to be bored.

But all that hilarity was nothing compared to the weirdness that was this song. I can't even remember the exact name of it. If anyone does know it please tell me. The lyrics were some of his best. It involved Weird Al seducing the audience with his love of comparing them to things like gasoline and laundry detergent. In the middle of the song he came down into the audience area and started dry humping and shaking his booty at random innocent audience members. It was priceless.
During the booty shaking, the woman receiving it put both of her hands out and was totally ready to grope him. I'm still laughing from it. To top it all off, every picture we were able to get of Weird Al in this song has him looking like a psycho stalker. Mmmm baby. LOL

He went through most of his new album songs with a good chunk of his best loved classics. The crowd absolutely exploded (me included) when he went into White and Nerdy. Of all of his songs, this was the one sung the loudest and best from the crowd. (It is our anthem after all ;)
I do feel sorry for the people that were sitting in front of me though. I was screaming my head off at times (what can I say, I was enjoying myself lol). Noticing the lady plugging her ears numerable times, I tried to aim my screaming above their heads whenever I could remember. They seemed to appreciate it.

After an hour and half of concert, Weird Al thanked the audience, gave a nod to his band members and acted like it was over. The audience seemed to know that there was more. It took for a minute but the crowd started chanting "Weird Al", and sure enough there was more.
Weird Al now controls Darth Vadar Watch out!
A couple minutes of chanting passed before the crowd exploded again when a line of storm troopers and Darth Vadar himself came out onto the stage. The band broke into the Star Wars saga song while Weird Al stepped up to the mic as Obe Wan leading the audience in his parody of Don McLean's American Pie. All I can say is that it was awesome being there listening to one of my favorite Weird Al songs live. To make it even better, the storm troupers and Vadar started doing the boogy mid song! LOVE IT!

After it was finished the Vadar/storm trouper team left and Weird Al went into his Yoda song. A minute into it Mom and I realize that the Star Wars vigures had come down into audience are were doing some dancing and picture posing with audience members! Oh you know I just had to get in on that! (Check out the pics on my Facebook page!) This really was his last song and the crowd was happy and satisfied. The one thing I regret about the end of the concert is that we left quickly. I heard that Al did some autograph signing for those that waited. Oh well, hopefully there will be more Weird Al in the future!

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Day Tidbits:
Listened to the Alpocolypse album from youtube while writing this post.
Did the 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix workout.


  1. The song he sings in the red zebra suit is "Wanna B Ur Lovr"

  2. SWEET! ty, gonna go download it now!


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