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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rockin Weird Al Concert part 1

This was definitely the best pop/rock style concert I have ever been to! OK so I've only been to 2 pop/rock concerts and the other was Justin Timberlake, but I think it still counts. It was also just an awesome week in general. I got to see my family for the first time in almost a year and though they sometimes urk me, I still love them.

The day of the concert started off pretty relaxed. Best Friend Jess and I watched some TV, did some couch chatting about this, that and the other with my mom, then took our showers to get spruced up for the Puyallup fair. When we got to the fair grounds we found the last spot in the nearby 7-11 parking lot for only $15 (not too shabby for 8 hours of parking in that area. The Mariners game the next day cost $20, but we got a $2 discount for carpooling).

Helios.net reusable heating padsThe fair fee was included in the concert ticket so the $40 concert price was actually $30 and the $10 fair fee. After we did a little wondering among the food booths, we decided to check out the expo center. OMG walking into that expo was like walking into a television where there's nothing on but infomercials and you CAN'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL. There was a lot of cool stuff there though, but there was a lot of  weeeeird stuff too. Of the really nifty things we found was a heating pad made of sodium acetate that is reusable just by boiling the pad then snapping the little metal disc again. It was pretty awesome. Jess ended up taking advantage of their sale and was able to get 2 large pads, their covers, and 2 hand pads with covers for only $50 (plus tax cause it's Washington). By the time we headed home on Saturday we ended up boiling the large ones like 3 times, each time they stayed hot for up to 2 hours afterwards so they have 2 ways to get hot and stay hot. I really want to get some of my own but I waay can't afford it.

Anyway, as we were getting close to the concert (but still had a couple hours to kill) we ended up sitting at a cookware show that gave out free really good food that the lady cooked in front of us using hardly any water. She was selling 7 layer stainless steel cookware that was pretty awesome. She even had a pan that the company made in the 60's that was still in great shape. The lady was a very good saleswoman, but alas we had no moneys. Got a free plastic juicer though! Definite plus.

After the little dinner show, we all got in the growing line for the concert. It didn't take long because they started admitting people at 6:30pm. When we got seated we discovered one of the few down sides of the concert: metal folding chairs. They were OK for support, but if you're a hefty person siting in one of those things, be prepared to know your neighbor well and to have a very sore ass at the end of the show!

The Girls hanging out
Though we had an hour till the concert started we were by no means bored. I had fun snapping pictures at random things while mom took pictures at all of us. Jess and I then finished getting spruced up with glitter and lip gloss (even though the concert's mostly in the dark...but it's the thought that counts doesn't it?...).

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You can also check out all the concert pics we took on my Facebook page! Likes are appreciated :)

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