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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Train Running Late, but Still on the Track

Hey all! Well I haven't gotten the program underway yet because I've been having to focus on getting rent paid. Now that that stress is slightly lessened for now, it's back on the wagon to losing weight.

Looking into selling plasma and going to family for help has not been fun. I also put my mini fridge that I haven't used since my recent move should help pay for some necessities. I hate being poor, and finding a job nowadays is like pulling teeth from a shark. Thankfully I have a room mate who's patient and not anal about money.

To take my mind off things I've been playing Plants Vs. Zombies. Nothing quite like taking the edge off by killing zombies with vegetables. I do have to say though that I miss the Micheal Jackson Zombie. He was replaced by "Disco" zombie instead. I'm sure it's to do with Micheal dying, but I think him being part of a fun game from a character he played in his glory years is a good thing. I'm sure others have a different opinion, but that's mine. I do love the Zombatar option though. I can make some goofy lookin zombies!

Plants vs. Zombies avatar creation

Don't he look cute?!

Well I'm getting ready to start off my fitness routine. I have a few tools that should help me along the way like The Biggest Loser: Complete Calorie Counter, my Insanity workout kit and more. I'll probably be going into them more as I make my way through the program.

Thank you to the followers that I have so far! I'm excited to get this blog off the ground and can't wait to see where it takes me :)

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