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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well first thing on my 'To-Do' list includes getting healthy and losing weight. I've seen some infomercials on this program called Insanity. It looked interesting to me because it wasn't a 'miracle' based product. Everything they said revolved around putting in the time and work, which I really like. Advertisements that try to pull one over on the public tend to make me want to shoot pillows with sporks.

Insanity program discs
A couple months ago, I ended up getting the program from a friend of mine (Thank you friend!) who didn't have the time to go through the program himself, so in the end was gracious enough to just give it to me instead. (He's a sweety that way.)

I've been putting off trying it since then because I'm the duchess of procrastination, but as I'm so tired of being overweight I think it's time to do something about it. Starting next Monday (May 30th, 2011) I will start on the Insanity program and see if I live through it. So of course that's going to mean eating healthier and doing the exercise program. What I like about prepping to start this program is that the only equipment I need is Me, Myself and I. Other programs, such as P90X, which I'm sure is a good fitness program, require a lot of extra equipment to do the videos such as a full set of dumbbells, a door frame bar for doing pull ups, bands, etc... For someone as po' as me, that's not very encouraging.

How It Looks So Far

I've been looking through the support materials and everything looks pretty kosher so far. To get started they have the welcome booklet and the nutritional guide which explain how the program works, how to analyze how many calories your body burns, etc. One of the big notes is that you must eat and eat a lot (which I like!). It still needs to be healthy, but starving yourself is a big No-No. I thankfully have quite a bit of chicken, yogurt and other healthy stuff in the fridge that can be utilized properly to help me loose weight, but unfortunately I don't get any food money again till the 7th of next month.

Another great thing about the program that I see so far is that there are so many different workouts! Getting bored with the same old thing every week seems very unlikely.
Insanity workout image

The Plan

Every week or so I will be posting my progress with the program, fav recipes, tips that I use during my workouts and how I'm feeling so far with it. 
Wish me luck! 

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