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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yes Fleas, this Means War

Big flea

UGH! I know it's not my roommate's fault, but it has happened all the same. The apartment is infested with fleas....yay. Roommate Doug went down to the coast to visit his girl friend who has a dog. He's a cute puppy but as it turns out he has fleas which Doug unknowingly brought back to the apartment and now it seems they're EVERYWHERE! I have at least 100 bites on my legs alone and I wish I was exaggerating. To top that all off, a friend of ours, David, will be crashing at our place till he gets his financial aid in September which is all fine but it makes the flea clean up a little harder because there's more stuff in the apartment. On the other hand it's an extra pair of hands for the impending war to come. That's right you blood sucking fiends, your days are numbered.

I looked up some ways to get rid of fleas in the home including washing everything that possibly holds fleas and eggs and vacuuming every nook and cranny. I've also found some sites that say that sprinkling salt on the carpet and leaving it for about 10 min helps kill the eggs because the salt sucks up all the moisture and the eggs can't live without it.
Today I declare all out war on fleas and the apartment is the battleground. There may be casualties and collateral damage, but with a little luck and some choice weapons Victory Shall Be Mine!!!!

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  1. Salt can help, and also Borax or one of the borate based powders like Fleabusters RX. Good luck!


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