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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Off

Week 1 down and only 7 more to go! I already feel my body getting smaller. I won't step onto the scale until next Monday though. At the start of the program I figured it was best to weigh myself every other week instead of weekly. I've had many many problems in the past (and I know I'm not the only one) by stepping on the scale after week 1 and losing a lot of weight, being inspired I work my butt off in week 2 and sometimes gain a pound......ouchy. So I figure weighing every two weeks should nix that problem especially if I'm working out and eating right, the scale should be kind...
It hasn't been easy though. My digital scale is right by the toilet in the bathroom, and whenever I'm in there it looks at me, smiling with a knowing face. So I stick my tongue out at it and go about my business.

Even though I'm not doing an Insanity workout today, I decided to focus the day on cleaning. Lots of calories can be burned while cleaning. I found a page on SELF that calculates the calorie burn based on weight and time which is really nifty. 

Well off to clean I go. I hope everyone's having a great weekend and for my fellow Americans out there a great 4th of July! I'm going to leave some inspirational weight loss images I found on the internet as I go though :)
J. Hawkins weight loss Before and after

Sexy jillian

Weight loss philosophy


  1. You are an inspiration :)

    I've seen my friends get on these strict, rigorous diets, and they usually give up after a week.

  2. Ty :) thankfully the diet's not that strict because of all the working out i'm doing but the workouts are INSANE! go figure lol

  3. Hi!

    I follow you on twitter and just wanted to say... Keep up the good work! :)

    And this is just an open invite (no pressure at all!), but there are some shakes that I use that I honestly believe are top quality and are made by Usana. They may just complement your dieting and make it just that extra easier to lose weight! Let me know if you're interested in that kind of thing :)

    ~ Regina

  4. Thanx Regina! I've followed you on Twitter now btw :) I'm using some soy protein shakes at the moment but I'll deffinently keep you in mind (especially when I actually start making some money from a job/internet lol it'll hopefully happen eventually)

  5. wow... thinking about losing weight too.. but well it just to hard.. i like your blog seriously. thanks for sharing.

  6. Great job! You can do it! I have lost over 145lbs on my own and it is hard BUT it is amazing what the right attitude can do! And you girl, have the right attitude! Good luck on your weight loss!



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