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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 Insanity Program

Wow, I feel so much better today at the prospect of starting the Insanity Program than I did last Monday. Last Monday I felt so unprepared, apprehensive and a little scared. At the time I wasn't sure if I had a job, I couldn't find a measuring tape to get my beginning stats and I just wasn't happy about starting the program (I know, set up a blog about it and not want to start it?)

I slept in a little today. I didn't mean to, but hey, the blue berry thing won't happen for another week so meh.

Food for day one:

Brunch- 11am
250 cal. Sauteed chicken breast
27 cal. (1/2 cup) baby carrots
60 cal. 1 Tbs Aioli (mayonnaise with stuff in it)
150 cal. 1 slice of toast with a Tbs of butter

About 5pm:  Insanity Fit test. Oy. What else can I say? Well I guess I can put in what I wrote in my journal after the workout..."My chest feels like it's burning. I was pathetic. Doing the most simple of Exercise made my heart rate sky rocket. My Boobs kept trying to escape my bra as if saying, 'We can't believe you're actually doing this!! We're getting the hell out of here!!!!' "
Yup, lol that pretty much sums it up. The Fit test involves 8 main exercises with a warm-up and cool-down. The point of course is to get as many reps as possible within 1 min and to improve over time. I did my best but I'm sure the long ago Ice cream still stored on my ass was giggling in amusement. *sigh* Well it's a start, and I'm sure if I keep plugging away at it I'll get better.

Lunch/dinner: 6:30 pm

250 cal. Sauteed chicken breast
27 cal. (1/2 cup) baby carrots
60 cal. 1 Tbs Aioli (mayonnaise with stuff in it)
150 cal. 1 slice of toast with a Tbs of butter
80 cal. 5 prunes....................(what can I say lol I'm poor)

Late night meal/snack: 9pm
290 cal. 1/2 Turkey Sandwich with 1 slice bread, Tomato, a little bit of onion, 1 Tbs mayo, 2 Tbs Pepper Jack Cheese and 3 slices of turkey deli meat. 

While I ate dinner my room mate and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. My roomy had never seen it before and afterwards he said, "It's a good movie, but it's too damn sad!" Well I don't care I love it. For some reason the sadness in it revolving around normal and extra normal life events has me really connecting with the characters, and I cry 'chick-flick' tears every time I watch it. 

Well despite sleeping in, I should have no problem falling asleep tonight. I'm tired.
Since it would be a little annoying to make sure I post every day's food stats diligently every single day, I'm instead keeping a written food journal which I'll type up once a week (I like being flexible with my time).
I also took my before photos (after much fighting with my digital camera. It kept wanting to use flash while I was taking a pic of myself in the mirror... Maybe it thought I would look better all white and shiny. Idk). 

After using the Harris Benedict Equation to figure out how many calories I burned today and subtracting what I ate, I had a 1,444 cal deficit today :) Woot! One small step in a long journey to go.


  1. Keep it up with Insanity! You'll get there :)

  2. Thanx jen :) I hope I will, can't deny there are days I have doubts, but I know quitting isn't the answer


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