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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving: An adventure in suckedge

I hate moving. I hate moving even more when in the course of one day a move that was originally going to take a couple weeks gets compressed down to 3 days with very little money. The moving sale I had was a bust. I sold about $25 worth of stuff and my items that are worth a good amount of money just sat there looking sad. What didn't help me there was that I only had 2 days to prep for it, I could only do it on a Thursday, and it was on the last week of the month where hardly anyone has money.

I do have people to genuinely thank for helping me move, though, and that's my Mother and my good friends/new room mates Jess and Joe (my brother Josh as well of course because he helped get the money too me! Can't discount that at all). Without their help it would never have happened, and true friends are the ones that help you move your shit!

After the dismal moving sale, I was able to get some money from my mother that was originally going to go for a U-haul trailer to pack my stuff in. We go to the U-haul place in Independence and low and behold Joe's Honda doesn't have the hitch required to pull the trailer, and getting one installed would cost a couple hundred dollars. Yay. After that I was close to having a mini meltdown because all the planning I had had to put together over the few days previous was crashing around my ears. After we took a few breaths and thought about it, we decided that a lot of the big things I have can either be easily replaced, or I just didn't need that badly. Over the next few hours we went through all the stuff I had originally packed plus everything else and took out what I didn't absolutely need. By the end we purged at least 40% of my stuff: a lot of it furniture-ok all of my furniture, laundry basket and misc. I'm really kicking myself for having to leave a few of the things because I'm REALLY missing them right now, but we didn't have the space to pack it.

The stuff that I decided to take was put out on the lawn in front of the car so that by the time we were done we'd have a baring of how much stuff I had and how we would pack it into the car. Well when I say car, it's actually one of those Jeep/Honda CRV/SUV things. It has a lot of space potential and a luggage rack on top, but it's not designed to be a mega mover. Still, maneuvering some things, transferring stuff from a bag to a bin, or a bin to a bag, we were able to get almost every single thing I really needed into that car + Jess and Joe's luggage and cooler + have room to sit. VICTORY!

Next on our adventure was the 5-6 hour drive with all that stuff packed into the car. Woo, riding in a car with stuff jammed by my face is how I want to spend my Friday nights from now on!.....not. But still it could have been a lot worse.

Everybody in the car had a hard time staying awake after the long day. Joe included, and he was driving! By the halfway point he said screw it, pulled off to an empty parking lot and we all took a nap for an hour. After that he had an easier time staying awake. We finally arrived in Ashland at 4am, grabbed essentials from the car, and crashed in our beds within 15 min (if that).

Not one of the easiest moves I've ever done, but I have awesome friends :) This post is dedicated to Jess, Joe and my Mommy :) Love you all

P.S. After we found out we couldn't use a U-haul we decided to use the money I got for some supplies for packing the car. So while I started the repacking I sent Jess and Joe to Walmart for a roll of duct tape, some rope, a Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice. When they returned Jess was laughing at the list commenting that it was only a couple ski masks and a shovel short of causing some concern with the authorities LOL

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