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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Don't Wanna think about Monday-list 1: 5 Random things about yours truly

Time to get listing again! We humans seem to like lists. They make us think we have more control over things. I guess it's that age old question of free will or fate. Do we control events? Or do they control us? I actually think it's a combination. I'm rarely ever black or white on a subject/issue. Unexpected events occur: we decide how to respond to them and those choices spawn more events.

I like thinking of random and weird things. It's fun. So my first anti Monday list is 5 random things about yours truly (no particular order of course, otherwise it wouldn't be totally random!).

5. I read magazines from back to front

4. I like to burp when I step outside of my bedroom

3. I have stitches scars on my right arm from when I was 10. Had an accident with a rabbit cage where I was standing on a bucket and tried to pet the rabbits. Over went the bucket and ouchy went my arm.

2. I usually need to have a movie or audio book on to help me fall asleep.

1. I love being an Aunty!

Got some random things? Please share em!

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