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Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Favorite SHAPE Articles October 2011

Because I love making lists (probably too much), I'm going to start posting lists of different things I like, don't like, random moments, etc every Monday. I received my issue of October's SHAPE Magazine this last week so that's what I'll be starting with!

Magazine Cover

Back when I had money, I decided to get a Shape Magazine subscription. On the cover at the time was Mariska Hargitay and I am a MAJOR fan of her! After that fanspasm issue I decided to get a subscription, and though some issues are better than others I've been pretty happy with the magazine.

My Top 5 Favorite Articles This Month

5. "Food Isn't My Crutch Anymore!"-page 150 by Kimberly A. Daly
An awesome success story of a mother who was Yo-Yo Dieting and stress eating. After her hard work she lost 60 lbs!

4. "5 Minute Warm Up"- page 156
Five minutes to warm up for almost everything. I might try this mid day some time to give myself an added energy boost.

3. "Munn Struck"-page 68 (Cover article) by Claire Connors
I haven't seen Olivia Munn much because I don't have cable, but she seems like a very down to earth gal. Awesome! We need more of those these days.

2. "The Best Medicine"-page 152 by Stacy Garay
Shape is following Stacy's journey for a year to get healthy and drop lbs. She's now on Month 10 and has lost...well I don't want to give it away ;) I love articles like these. They give me so much motivation.

1. "Big (Island) Love"-page 56 by Nancy D. Brown
-Sighs at the thought of Hawaii. I've dreamed and wanted to go to Hawaii for years. One of my bucket list goals is to learn how to surf! This article is great for my Hawaiian dreaming.

Do you guys read SHAPE or any other fitness magazine? What magazine do you think is the best?


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