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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fast Delivery

Wow that was fast. The woman who sent me my prize over-nighted via UPS and I woke up with it on my door step! I didn't ask her to do that and was expecting it to arrive via regular mail by Friday. I am NOT complaining about that lol! The only sucky part is that I won't receive my included free 6 month online subscription till tomorrow or Friday. Eh, oh well. As far as expediency is concerned I am very happy with how this giveaway went. I've heard many a horror story about not receiving a prize from companies until 2-3 months (sometimes more!) after winning. Ouchy.

In the mean time I'm using the opportunity to completely charge the device so that it's all ready to go by subscription day.

On an end note, for those interested in a regular Bodymedia arm band:
It's not quite as involved as the Jillian Michaels version (because Jillian offers more online info) but the base things about counting calories, showing your stats, and bluetooth abilities are the same. BodyMedia.com is now having a sale on the device plus 12 months of subscription time for only $99 (plus tax and shipping of course if applicable). Being that the device normally goes for $150-$180 and the regular subscription for them is I think $7/month that's a savings of $165 over the course of the first year. I'm not getting anything for mentioning it, and though it'd be all nice on my end for you to buy it through the amazon link on my previous post, this is really the better deal. If you want to find out more about the Jillian Michaels version you can check out her site here.

Now I'm off to visit my good friends and their kids in Eugene. I am determined to have a fun packed weekend! Peace out :)

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